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Featured Project: Jumpstart Design KC

Jumpstart Design KC is an educational outreach program hosted by Spaces of Hope in conjunction with the University of Kansas, the Kansas City Design Center, and the American Institute of Architects Kansas City Chapter. Jumpstart serves to provide educational outreach opportunities to learn about design, architecture and urban planning to students in middle schools and high schools in the Kansas City metropolitan region. Focusing on what architecture and design careers are, opportunities and career possibilities with a degree in a design-related field, and design experience, the program serves to allow students without access to these programs the ability to experience architecture and design before choosing a career path.

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Studio 812 – Smart Cities Research

Smart Cities is a multiuniversity and multidisciplinary research and design consortium dedicated to resolving the growing presence of population health crises around the world. All systems can become connected to our personal well-being.

With the amount of new and accessible data that can be embedded within our living environments, now more than ever we are tasked to anticipate the problems of the future and use our knowledge to create better spaces for living. Spaces of Hope offered consultancy to this program in grant applications that allowed students to explore opportunities that would make their research known.

Napkin Sketch Contests

Encouraging designing, dreaming, and exploration, the 2017 Napkin Sketch Contest received submissions from across the states of Kansas and Illinois. The art of being able to communicate via the hand through imagery is an essential task of designers. Winners of both the professional and student categories received scholarship and sabbatical funds to pursue their interests within the related fields of design.

2020 Design Expo

The 2020 World Expo Design Challenge asks students to research cultural traditions and economies to represent a nation by designing a pavilion at the future world exposition. The World Expo Design Challenge hopes to allow students to develop an increased understanding and appreciation for global cultures, apply passive and active heating and cooling systems, incorporate sustainability and understand the design process to generate and develop a final design for their pavilion. While working to embody the cultural or economic values/products of their nation within the pavilion, the program provides experience and constructive criticism regarding architectural design and teamwork for students interested in studying an architecture, design, or engineering related field of study through the production of floor plans, elevations, sections, renderings, and models for each teams respective pavilion design.

Chalmers Hall Concept

Asked to assist with conceptual design for the University of Kansas, Spaces of Hope and intern students developed a package for new programmed bookstore and student center spaces within Chalmers Hall on the University of Kansas campus.

Design Partners

A developed mentorship program, Design Partners facilitates practicing architects with up and coming design students to assist in understanding the realities of architectural design and engineering. If you’re interested in becoming a Design Partner, we’d love to hear from you!

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