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We are constantly seeking opportunities that will enrich the experience of students pursuing careers
in design, but we can't do this alone. 

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Your donation goes a long way.

We exist to build opportunities for our sponsored students and the programs that brighten their future. Even the smallest donation ensures our ability to grow and expand those possibilities.

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Competitions and Design Proposals

We allow students to exercise their design ideas through experiences that offer insight and value to their ideas. We treat our programs as opportunities to develop strong personalities in these capacities. Through simple design charrettes, we empower students to unlock their potential. Through discovery we encourage finding innovative solutions.


By pushing individuals to work with colleagues in new ways, in addition to introducing new perspectives, we operate by encouraging ideas to blossom between groups of seasoned designers and students alike. Through this exchange students reach new understanding.

Professional Opportunities

By encouraging professional engagement from students and facilitating those opportunities, we help realize the design world for inquisitive minds. While school can often feel hypothetical, with projects that remain abstract, the input our partners can offer help designers to understand the real placement of their skills in the profession.

Topic Exploration

Our initiatives are built to introduce problems in the real world as examples of opportunity. Through the presentation of design topics that expand knowledge in their respective fields, sponsored students will grow to understand the most relevant issues at the start of their careers.

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Our Vision

Spaces of Hope is a nationally-recognized 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization aimed at improving experience, opportunity, and scholarship for students interested in studying and/or pursuing a design-related profession. The organization was founded in 2012 in Lawrence, Kansas, focused on a vision of bridging the gap between academics and practice within the field of architecture. The organization has grown to work with and assist over 500 students and 200 professionals alike.

Your donation helps to improve and promote architecture and design. The organization will continue to expand, develop, and impact the lives of students through creating positive and constructive environments where students and professionals alike can engage in the practice of mentorship and exploration.

Spaces of Hope, Inc. is a nationally recognized 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization which is recognized under sections 170, 2055, 2106, and 2522 of the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) allowing your contribution to be fully tax deductible.

Culin Thompson

Chairman of the Board | Chief Executive Officer